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100 Days of Positivity, Hope and Growth

Suzi Sung

Sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up - this is a self-help book without the long chapters, for people who want quick and useful tips on how to deal with the punches that life throws at them.
From break-ups to regrets, daily self-doubt to loneliness, this book will provide fresh perspectives on how to look at a situation more positively and tackle things more proactively.
This book is not long, or longwinded, but contains words of wisdom that you can keep and share for a long time...

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Suzi Sung isn't an internationally renowned author or New York Times bestseller, she hasn't climbed Mount Everest, or saved kittens from a burning building... she didn't even graduate from university!

She's your everyday girl-next-door who has a knack for pulling people out of their moments of darkness and reminding them that, even though it rains, the sky is still blue above the clouds.

Oh... she also wrote this book.