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The Man Who Talked to Suns

Stephen Andrews

A broken warrior.

A universe of wonder is crumbling under the weight of war. Amongst the billions fleeing burning worlds is one man. Once an elite starship pilot, the conflict has taken his ship, his family, and his faith in victory. And yet, if he can find the will to fight again, he has a gift that could turn the tide and save humanity.

An apocalyptic weapon.

Light years behind the lines, hidden in the swirling mists of a forgotten world lurks a revolutionary new starship. Built in secret by a desperate resistance movement, the ground-breaking warship has a mind of its own and weapons that can shatter worlds. Unleashed without proper control it could destroy everything, but in the right hands it can defeat any enemy.

An alien discovery.

It takes a shadowy spy and a murderous journey across hostile alien worlds to unite starship and pilot. Together they strike at the heart of the enemy. But in the midst of battle a secret more dangerous than the war itself is revealed, and to triumph, one man must make a sacrifice no one has ever made before.

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Stephen Andrews was born in Kent, England, and now lives in Switzerland. The Man Who Talked to Suns is his first novel, inspired by his work as a humanitarian, a student of modern military history and a fascination with everything that could be.