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The Adventures of Sheriff and Deputy Dog

Stephanie Schellingerhout

Welcome to Fernielea Farm.
Life here is at a more leisurely pace and wildlife is appreciated and nurtured by Farmer Logan (Low) Field his wife Mrs Matilda (Tillie) Field and their daughter Suzie.
Out in the yard, Sheriff the old english sheep dog and his faithful partner Deputy Dog an Australia kelpie, keep law and order amongst the animals who call the farm home.
Don't be fooled into thinking this is your ordinary sheep farm, Oh no! There is always something unusual going on with the many residents from a chicken who wants to be somebody else, the daring rescue on the pond, heroic actions of a stranger and that's just the beginning.
So join me in the pages of this book to find out what makes The Adventures of Sheriff and Deputy Dog your next favourite read.

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Stephanie Schellingerhout grew up in New Zealand, sharing a love of birds with her father. As a child she was always writing and won a prize for a poem in primary school.
She lives with her husband and daughter in semi-rural Coatesville, enjoying a peaceful life surrounded by forest reserves and birdlife. They share their home with chickens, ducks, a gosling, a swan, two budgies and two Labradors.