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Of Pipes and Potions

Rachael Lindsay

The winter is a cruel one. Snow prevents transport and trade; boats remain in the harbour, sheltering from the jaws of the sea. The Big People are hungry and desperate. Two sister-trolls, Grimhildr and Dotta, live deep in the forest where they care for all kinds of animals in need. When they rescue a chocolate-brown dog they also make a loyal friend: Halvor. Unlike other Big Men, he understands the trolls' way of life and promises to help them in times of trouble.Trouble arrives unexpectedly in the form of a young minke whale, trapped in an inlet. The trolls are alarmed. Small forest-dwellers that they are, how can they turn the whale back to sea? But worse is yet to come.Sly-Erik and his crew are planning a hunting expedition.And time is running out…“Of Pipes and Potions” is a warm and wonderful tale of overcoming fear and inhibitions, of working together to help those in need.

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I used to teach all ages - for ages - but it became too serious and rather sensible... I prefer walking my three pygmy goats on leads, feeding them with blackberry brambles and acorns. And making my cats sing. Don't you just love stamping in frozen puddles? The windy top of a high hill? The smell of a garden bonfire? Have you tried eating strawberries with white pepper? And sucking snapped off icicles? Do you love the moon on a deep black night? And rainbow bubbles? I do. Do you love listening to, reading or writing stories? Wonderful! So do I.