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Through the Leaves of My Tree

Liz Gillespie

Poetry is a unique craft of words driven by the inner thoughts of the poet's personal experiences.
In this collection by Liz Gillespie most of the material is gleaned from her personal life and family.
The enjoyment of poetry is not only to absorb the subject but to read it... unfettered with grammar and punctuation conventions. If you have a musical aptitude, you will automatically create your very own song with the natural cadence of the verses.
A well-written and thought provoking list of stanzas.

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I live in Stirling, Scotland, which is a truly beautiful part of the world, surrounded by hills and countryside. I only started writing poetry in recent years as a way to relax and record some of my life experiences to pass on to my children. I enjoy reading mostly fantasy fiction when I have time, which is difficult as I also work full time and volunteer with a local Community First Responder group as well as being a wife, mother and grandmother.