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Irene (Relationships Redefined)

Albert Wessel

A profound analysis by Albert Wessel of what comprises a fulfilling life.


Mary, a middle aged single woman is traumatized by her most recent breakup with her on again/off again, married boyfriend Peter. This relationship is extremely sexually fulfilling but the problem is that Peter keeps promising to leave his wife, but never does. Add this to Mary’s deep soul level connection with a much older man, and you have an interesting mix.


Enter Mary’s old friend Irene, who offers some invaluable insights into the mysteries of life, the human condition and a radical new approach that effectively redefines relationships.

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Early childhood trauma caused me to withdraw. Therefore, I spent a lifetime with an all-consuming desire to understand. Now, as an elder, I am confident that I have answered what I like to refer to as 'the big questions of life'.


Because of a fundamental misunderstanding that took place in my first two years, the ability to communicate became critically important to me. Combine that with an inborn ability to put words together and you have the making of a writer. Therefore, eight decades later, an example of the results can be found within these pages.