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And Forever More

Elizabeth Love

Carrying on from the romantic hospital story, Forever, Jodie grows up to be a self-assured, talented artist. At an early age she goes to Canada on an exchange visit, working with children in a hospital and meets up with another young girl. She then goes to college to study for her degree in embroidery, where she meets her prince charming Scotland, also an artist. They go on to a charismatic partnership with successful careers in their chosen subjects. It is a home-spun story of love and devotion.

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Elizabeth Love, whose parents both came from generations of farming folk, was born on a farm at Reagill, near Shap. She has lived and worked in a clerical capacity all her life, for some time for the once well-known firm of seedsmen and nurserymen, Little and Ballantyne of Carlisle. A great lover of the countryside around her home town of Carlisle, she writes about her observations and colours her stories with occupational and human interest.She is now retired and enjoys writing poetry and prose, painting and embroidering pictures.