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Open Wound

Scott Daly

Terry Parker's first stop after being released from prison is the home of the girl he thinks of as a daughter, a young woman he has avoided contacting while he's been locked up. Instead of a joyful reunion, his world falls apart when he learns that she died while he was inside. Her uncle has a tragic story to share with him: Jane's death was no accident, even though the coroner dismissed it as one.

Jane's uncle, Dennis Sykes, has a plan. He's spent the last year and a half since Jane's death investigating the people responsible, and now that Terry's free, he needs help to carry out his revenge. Terry, devastated by the loss, agrees. Dennis and Terry have six people on which to focus their particular brand of justice, and won't stop until they're done.

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Welcome to my imagination, a world where fact and fiction collide. I am a working-class Londoner in my mid-forties and have had various jobs over the past thirty years, some mundane, some colourful. I have spent many years working on and off in the private security industry, which has brought me into contact with a diverse range of people from all walks of life. I was inspired by some of those characters, which you will find in Open Wound.