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ZONT-2 and Beyond

Blair Wylie

Two oligarchs put aside their differences and work together to design and promote a space-based umbrella or ‘ZONT'. If their fantastic project is successful, it could arrest or even reverse climate change. They know a myriad of political threats overshadow the many technical challenges. Spies, terrorists and even the threat of war emerge to confound their dream. And their failure could mean certain mass extinction, and the end of human civilization...

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Blair Wylie is a retired Canadian oil and gas engineer and manager. He worked thirty-five years in a number of interesting places, including the Arctic, Western Siberia, the North Sea, Newfoundland, and Trinidad and Tobago. In his second career as a writer, he prefers to stay in the plausible world with respect to science, and character studies. His stories place everyday people in awkward if not outright terrifying situations, then have them discover hidden strengths while they rescue themselves. He hopes readers will come away feeling better about themselves, and about the future in general.