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Time Warp to Eden

Billy Gordon Henderson

Nicola has been fascinated with hot air balloons since she was very young. She has studied hard and worked hard to reach the very top of the field and is excited when an American company, developing a new type of balloon, ask her to join them. On the maiden flight, not everything goes to plan and Nicola and her crew find themselves on the greatest adventure of their lives.

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Billy Gordon Henderson was born in Glasgow and started work as an apprentice carpenter. Later in life he moved to London and opened a carpenter's business but also joined a gospel band, which encouraged him to write songs and poetry and practise conjuring. Later in life, on becoming a lone parent, he was asked by his four-year-old son to make up bedtime stories. He created magic stories using objects in his son's bedroom, from which he wrote sixteen magic stories. One of them was published. He then began writing other short stories, followed by writing novels, one being Time Warp to Eden. Being now retired, he spends his time writing more stories, songs and poems.