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The Trial of Habits

Ali Khakzadi

Book No. 12

Pursuant to the ruling issued by the Supreme Court of the Democratic Republic of Brainland on April 16th 2020, heard and administered by the Honorable Justice Sebastian, twelve copies of the book The Trial of Habits, authored by the defendant, Mr Urhan's brain, at the behest of His Honor, have been printed and will be selectively distributed amongst twelve booklovers.
The present book in your hands is the last copy from amongst the twelve copies of the aforesaid book. Ergo, you and eleven other readers will constitute the jury, in the trial of habits, whose members will consider the verdict in absentia. The reader of the present book, his/her location across the world notwithstanding, is to proceed with the process of studying the book, giving his/her verdict, and sending the verdict to the Supreme Court of Brainland, during the legal deadline of ten days from the day of receiving the book.

The Democratic Republic of Brainland
Supreme Court Chief Justice

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Ali Khakzadi is an Iran-based author who was born in 1975. Despite having studied Management as his academic focus, he was considerably interested in Psychology and its neighboring topics. Therefore, he is currently proceeding with his novels in the form of works of Psychological Fiction.
The novel The Trial of Habits is his first work which was greatly lauded and critically acclaimed; it is also being translated into various languages. Contrary to all of the Psychological and Psychology-based books about the concept of habits, in this book, this notion is analyzed and scrutinized in the form of a story.
Moreover, the three following works from this author have been, or are being, prepared for publication.
1. Going through the Gate of Sleep is a novel that focuses on the concept of sleep and its importance in human life, taking the reader to a journey of complex and composite fiction that leads to a country which resembles North Korea.
2. It Was Sunlit Yesterday is a novella which partially deals with the issues and lives of families who have autistic children. Everything starts with a sunny day in Los Angeles, California; suddenly, the Earth stops rotating on its axis, dividing the planet into two never-changing parts, namely, the Night Hemisphere and the Day Hemisphere.
3. Eight Billion Lunatics is a novel that explores the origins of mankind's mental and cerebral needs, wants and wishes from a behavioral viewpoint, taking the reade