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The Price of Worlds

R. Lucas

A fantastic journey into the future where the human race are trying to set up civilization in space after their self-destruction of Earth over the centuries. The Price of Worlds follows Laton and his team's quest to get everything ready so humans will be able to survive and prosper in this new world. As they get closer to the end of their mission, they begin to uncover portals and dark holes which allow some strange beings to pass through. With Laton and his team now coming face to face with these aliens and strange beings, will they ever be able to succeed in their mission?

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R. Lucas was born in 1959 in Rugby, in the Midlands of England. He grew up with a sister and brother, both of whom were older than him.
I, for that is who is writing this, have always been interested in science and technology, avidly reading magazines and trying to keep up with the latest advances.
However, I have a generally negative view of humanity, with its destruction of the natural world. The glorious future with science solving every problem never materialised and all the problems just got worse.
If the simple child's question of ‘What came before that?' cannot be answered, then there is scope for anything, some of which can be found in this book.
I am single and live in Cheltenham, England. I am a gardener and worked for myself for a while. I have few qualifications but am a good gardener, I think. I hope you enjoy the book.