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PrideLand: DemonPride

Theo Mann

Lieutenant Dina Dyer, exo-biologist of the Coalition Armada Destroyer Savannah, travels with her crewmates to an unknown planet to make contact with the human population and to rescue the survivors of a crashed shuttle craft. Their plans soon turn to chaos when they get taken captive by a race of sentient cats who keep humans as pets, as slaves, and as game for hunting.  Dina and her team discover that each person on the planet has a different motive for maintaining the status quo, making resistance and escape impossible. Caught up in a toxic cocktail of danger, intrigue, politics, and sexual attraction, Dina faces one betrayal after another in her struggle to fulfill her mission. She has no idea how much more difficult it will be just to survive, to break free, and to return to her ship.


Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


Theo Mann is a professional freelance fiction writer who has written hundreds of books. This is her first publication under her name. She lives in New Zealand.