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Perceptions of the Les Demoiselles d'Avignon

Göte Nyman

A young, talented scientist, Johan Ek from Finland, is excited to move to the famous Stanley University in Palo Alto, California to work with the best brains of theoretical physics. As a beginning researcher, with his own peculiar views about science, he faces unexpected career problems and an amazing journey begins. It takes him to an unfamiliar environment, and life with artists and other new friends. The painting, Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, opens a new world to Johan. A search for a revolutionary way to live and love science begins. Can he find a way to continue working in the field that he loves, or has it been taken away from him forever?

The story is about a family history, theoretical physics, arts and artists, the dark side of academia, and an innocent, creative mind struggling for survival. The author likes to call the genre of this remarkable story fiction science, where real historical figures and fiction meet.

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Göte Nyman is a curiosity-driven innovator and humanist. He has written non-fiction books, including the recent On the Edge of Human Technology, and the autobio-inspired Perceptions of a Camino. He writes columns and runs an extensive blog series (gotepoem at Wordpress). Les Demoiselles is his first major novel.

Göte has an unusual career in science, human technology, innovation and university management, and he has authored numerous scientific articles. Close to his heart is collaboration with the Peace Innovation Laboratory at Stanford, where they aim to promote positive human developments with the support of ICT and networks.

Specializing in vision, brain and imaging quality, Göte loves visual arts and technologies. He enjoys the tranquillity of a distant island cottage; sports and gym have a natural part in his life. Göte was born in Helsinki in 1947 and continues his career as a university professor of psychology.