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My Clone and I

Maria Angelica Maoddi and Maria Teresa Fiumanò

My Clone and I could be defined as a noir science fiction novel, born from the imagination and professionalism of a psychologist and a neurologist-psychiatrist. The protagonist, Laura, is a scientist who is cloned and raises her clone as a daughter. When the last-mentioned discovers her origin, she flees to a city in the United States and here she turns to a laboratory where she ends up a victim of other experiments. Returning home to Italy, she takes revenge atrociously, to then understand that revenge will never bring her to the solution of her physical and mental problems. This book covers several interesting topics, including: the absence of ethics in many types of scientific experiments; the genesis of violence in man; the negative influence of brutal and neglectful parents on children; male homosexuality; the possibility of the existence of the soul; and the possibility of a life beyond death.

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Mariateresa Fiumanò is a surgeon, specialising in neurology, forensic psychiatry and criminology, author of two short story collections (I Peccati del Lago and Isole Controcorrente), two chronicle novels (La Marchesa Casati and Le Storie Misteriose di Arcore), two noir novels (Manincomio and Le Gemelle del Rimorso), and a novel of reincarnation (Taormina Storia di una Reincarnazione).

Maria Angelica Maoddi, from Sardinia, is a psychologist, psychotherapist and professor of human sciences; promoter of topics on transcultural psychiatry and cultural initiatives in the educational and scholastic field aimed at the personal and educational growth of minors; and author of anthropological collections and research on magical rituals.