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Child In Time

Rick Goldman

David Walker disappeared in the summer of 1969 and was assumed dead.
Imagine going to work one day, then waking up in 2019 without knowledge he had gone to sleep for fifty years in suspended animation.
Would he be able to live successfully in the life he now faced, being the world's first cryonaut , and with a son who he last saw as a three-year-old, who was now an older man?
It was difficult trying to cope with the latest technology, and he was sad that he had missed the birthdays, anniversaries, and deaths of those he loved - in particular his wife, Blossom.
David continued to work with the Suspended Animation Program, with little knowledge that his pioneering work would be used to save his son from a cruel, debilitating disease. But, a sinister plan was afoot when his son was captured, facing certain death.

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Rick Goldman is a semi-retired man who decided to travel to many places in his mind. His adventures are chronicled in the books he is writing.
Mr. Goldman has travelled to distant galaxies. He has seen people placed in situations that were challenging and bizarre. These people have told him tales of atmospheric racing, time dilations, trips to planets and star systems that push the boundaries of imagination.
Their stories and adventures are submitted for your pleasure.