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A Collective Craving

Victoria W. Thoresen

2029. When a tall slender man in a shiny red car arrives, the lives of nine seemingly ordinary people will be changed forever. In a world where morals are crumbling, commercial interests dominating and natural resources collapsing, a new global government has been formed to take on the ever-increasing and frightening challenges to humanity. But who will lead?

With AI as their guide and protection, the selected nine create a team entrusted with the formidable task of finding the leader with specific qualities identified by the people of the world.

But not everyone is in agreement with world-wide collaboration, and some are determined to stop the process dead in its tracks.

Can the team find the new leader? Can they overcome personal challenges, attacks on the programme, and their own preconceptions?

This is a thought-provoking story about the heights of human aspirations, the limits of artificial intelligence, and the complexities of undivided loyalty.

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Victoria W. Thoresen is an educator, researcher and world citizen. She holds the position of UNESCO Chair for Education about Sustainable Lifestyles at Inland University in Norway. Thoresen has, for many years, been involved in initiatives taken by the United Nations and its agencies to further greater equity and sustainable development around the world. In addition to being a teacher trainer, Thoresen has written and edited professional literature and has been a key-note speaker at international conferences on issues such as education, conscientious consumption, behaviour change, and social responsibility. An avid reader, Thoresen admires fiction that unveils the hopes and longings of the human soul. She finds inspiration in Nature, in art and in the vision of the future described in the writings of the Bahá'í Faith.