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Peter Hodson

The dangers of rapid developments in technology, along with climate change, are themes explored in this book through the story of a journalist, Jay, and his companion, Cindy, a photographer. They try to bring stories into the public domain which are being played down by the authorities, through the publications of the mysterious Hermes. He sends them on a series of missions which turn out to be both eye-opening and dangerous.


Set over a period of around forty years and ending up in the year 2044, the world becomes an increasingly worrying and frightening place, where control of the internet means control of the world.


As the years go by, Jay and Cindy, along with Hermes, find it increasingly difficult to speak openly about the stories of deception, greed and corruption that they uncover. How will the world look in 2044, and how will the human race survive on Planet Earth?

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Born in Manchester, UK and educated at Manchester Grammar School, I was not one of its more outstanding pupils. Indeed, it is rumoured on my departure, a collective sigh of relief was heard through the hallowed cloisters of that prestigious establishment.

Following tertiary studies in forestry, I spent much of my career in the forestry profession, migrating to rural Western Australia at mid-life for no good reason that I recall.

Later, for the sake of our children's education I moved to Perth WA, taking a managerial role in the precast concrete industry.

Approaching retirement, I studied horticulture and, with my daughter, set up a landscape design business, specialising in water-efficient gardens.

Now employed only part-time in that business, and finding insufficient stimulation to gratify my creative juices, I set about writing a story for the entertainment of a few close friends. This is that story.

Married, with a son, a daughter and four grandsons all living locally; a close woven family. My pursuits are gardening, bowling, canoeing and striking other dangerous activities off my bucket list.