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The Copycat Killer

Sarah Shelly

When Mary Nicholls is brutally assaulted, murdered and mutilated, there appear to be no leads, no DNA and nothing to stop the killer striking again, which he does with relish and no mercy. The police are under pressure to bring in a suspect but hit wall after wall in their search for this disturbed murderer. When the second victim is found, a pattern at least emerges - but will it help them catch him in time? Meanwhile, the story is told of a strange little boy who grows up with a cold mother who he cannot please and a frightening obsession. Careful and meticulous, he executes his plans apparently with ease, always ahead of those in pursuit. They will only apprehend him if he succumbs to emotion, or makes a mistake. There is only one thing that might cause him to do this, but even the police must pay a price for finding it.

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My ultimate dream has always been to become a writer and I have dabbled for years, making up stories and writing down my ideas. During a convalescence period in 2015 following a surgical operation, I really got to grips in starting The Copycat Killer. With having to work full time and taking care of my family, it hasn't always been easy to find the time to write, but I persevered with what has become a labour of love over time. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.