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Sit Up, Stand Up, Speak Up: An Emotional Short Story Collection

Sarah Hussain

Are you able to capture a thought and challenge it? We grow up with a set of beliefs and values, influenced by the society we grow up in. This collection of fictional stories invites you to explore your ideas and challenge your mind.


Set in colonized India, a young woman befriended by a soldier from England, contemplates running away with him in order to seek freedom. Is it possible that she can succeed?


Abused and mistreated, living in the Viceroy’s house leads to Sharda feeling like there is no escape, but an unfortunate event changes everything on a hunting trip.

A young boy, taken prisoner along with his grandfather, the only surviving member of his family, is tortured and fears for his life. Can he escape and seek justice for his people?


After a car accident, a young man is trapped between Heaven and Hell, wishing he had one more chance.


Aaisha has fled worn torn Syria and is trying to reach safety in England. She is at risk of being sold into prostitution, but is spirited and fearless in her determination to escape. A chance meeting gives her hope.'


We have been gifted with a mind, which can be utilised and fuelled by positive attitudes or by narrow minded assumptions accepted in the first instance.


'Don't accept the first thought that crosses your mind just because you are told too... Explore it, challenge it, debate it and accept what you know is right in your heart and soul'

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Sarah Hussain is a Huddersfield based author and educator. Her novella, ‘Escaped from Syria’ was a winner finalist in the People’s Book Prize Award. Her short story collection ‘Sit up, Stand up, Speak up’ was released in 2017, and in 2018 she won the Ms Shakespeare competition in Yorkshire and was commissioned to write a monologue, which was performed on International Women’s day. She was shortlisted in a competition run by The University of Huddersfield, and her short story, You will be free one day, my dearest India, is included in the anthology ‘Trouble’, celebrating protest, published by ‘Grist’. Furthermore, it was ‘highly commended’. She completed a BA Honours Arts of Literature in 2008, a Master of Arts in Creative Writing in 2018, and is currently completing a PhD. Sarah uses her writing as a means to promote tolerance and amplify unheard voices.