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Tayna Chronicles: The Secret City

Sara Škrobo

Sofija lives in a totalitarian state with her grandparents and works as a clerk in the city hall. Her parents were killed in the last war, fighting for freedom.

When Sofija's grandfather becomes critically ill, she has to risk her life to obtain an illegal travel permit to another province to get medicine for him.

On her travels, she meets a strange band of mystics, who take her through a portal into a magical world called Tayna. Tomislav and his wife, Natasha, take her under their wing and explain that she has something very special about her and should explore it.

Then Sofija meets Ivan, and from the start, she feels they are soulmates.

Will she put her newfound happiness on the line to face the dreaded leader, Tanatos?

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Sara Škrobo grew up in the small town of Županja in the East of Croatia. After getting a Master's degree in history from the University of Zagreb, she moved to London, UK. There she spent three years working different jobs and enrolled on a postgraduate programme in modern history at King's College London. Sara returned to Croatia and is currently living in Zagreb where she got the initial ideas for her debut novel, Tayna Chronicles: The Secret City. A relentless dreamer and bookworm, Sara enjoys fantasy novels paired with a cup of (Turkish) coffee, preferably at one of the terraces in Zagreb where she spent most of her adult life.