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The Lost Flower


‘Dear Father James,
At the right corner of the rear end of the graveyard, Lucy is waiting for you.
Thank you.'

Twenty-four hours ago, Father James had watched as Lucy was viciously kidnapped by four unknown men and bundled into a van. Her screams muffled, her loyal friend looked on in horror with Lucy's five-year-old son, Peter. Upon finding Lucy's bloodstained body in the graveyard, Father James came to realise that Peter would now be the target of a band of union criminals recently released from prison.

Suspicious of the police's involvement, would Father James be able to find Lucy's ‘lost' husband and piece together why her life had ended so brutally? With Peter now a grown man, would he manage to escape unscathed or would he decide to seek revenge on those who took away his mother's life? The Lost Flower is a tale of retribution and justice in a gun-filled criminal underworld where no one can be trusted...

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Over the years, Sandipan has come across many people, incidents and stories. His stories are always in the most natural form of lives. He is a story teller of the category who completes the story by meeting the end of the circle at its start.
Sandipan always wanted to show how helpless the people are in their lives, wherever they live in this large world. His only plea to the people of the world is to be sympathetic to others.