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The Many Deaths of Aurora Flowers

Samantha Booth

Aurora Flowers has a unique gift. She has the ability to remember all of the lives she's lived before, back as far as her time in Atlantis. Shortly before the fall of Atlantis, and Aurora's first death, she was bound for eternity to her soulmate, Max, who she has searched for in all her subsequent lives. Over the thousands of years, the pair have met and loved each other in various guises. However, Max isn't the only person to find Aurora in multiple lives. A mysterious and vengeful figure has repeatedly stalked and brought pain to Aurora and, in her current life, seems determined to end her and their destructive relationship once and for all. Can Aurora break the cycle and finally find a way to live in the moment?

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Samantha Booth has always loved writing. As a child writing stories about her naughty baby brother, as a journalist and working for a national charity. This is her first published novel, but she hopes it will be the first of many. She lives in a village near Glasgow, Scotland and when she is not writing, she loves yoga, being with her partner, Martin, family and walking Border collies, Freddie and Cassie.