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Squid and Horatio Become Best Friends Forever

Sally Hewitt

This story is set to start in Auckland, New Zealand. Squid is a beautiful, spoilt and very pampered black and white cat. Squid led a very quiet and calm life with his family and friends, which made him a very happy cat.

One day Squid's mum and dad told him they were going to move to a new house. At first Squid did not think too much of it until a couple of days later when they told him they were moving to Cambridge in the country. A very long way away for a little cat. Squid realised that it was far too far to go back and see his friends and he would be leaving them all behind. He became very nervous and worried about making new friends but soon realises that happiness comes from the most unlikely places.

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My name is Sally, I am English. Originally coming from Lower Willingdon, East Sussex. I moved to New Zealand in 2003. I have a daughter Lexy and a gorgeous three year old grandson called Harley and another grandbaby due in 2021. I am a huge animal lover, and the star of this story is in fact Squid, my late cat who I absolutely adored. When I am not fussing over my animals, I am painting and writing.