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In Our Darkest Hour

Ron Wilkinson

World War II is in full swing, and Captain Alan Lee and the crew of the cruiser Preston are on the front line. Escorting convoys of troops and precious cargo, Preston is called upon. Facing the wrath of the enemy air force, relentless air raids and the stealth of the U-boats, Preston and her crew never waver from their orders - always pushing on.

Despite being outnumbered, out-gunned and sometimes out-manoeuvred, coupled with issues of ammunition and supplies shortages and rookie crews, the captain and crew show courage and resilience, continuing to fight for comrades, king and country.

Staring life and death in the face every day, the crew and Lee experience euphoria and sorrow, exhaustion and reward as they tirelessly keep the shipping lanes open - but at what cost?

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The author has had an undying interest in naval warfare and the Royal Navy in particular from a very early age. He is also, a very keen ship modeler, with many models winning awards. He has written in many modelling magazines over the years, on various warship articles. He served thirty-five years in the civil aviation field and fifteen years patrolling the motorways. Now retired, he has the time to turn to his first love, the Royal Navy.