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Twisted Love

Ben Bridle

Will appears to have it all: a successful company, money, three homes, a beautiful wife and two kids with another on the way. But his comfortable life comes crashing down around him as his marriage collapses under the emotional weight of a neonatal death.
Kicked out of the family home and left to his own devices in London, he slips into the salacious lifestyle of the wealthy Chelsea singleton looking for something more than simple companionship.
Things get complicated when he meets Nazli, who is more than his equal in every way. At the same time, his wife is meting out her revenge in a bitter settlement and his company is struggling with new commercial challenges brought on by his impending divorce.
Is this Will's ‘Road to Damascus' moment, or will he simply submit to his own hedonistic tendencies? After all, what else does he have to lose?
Love, loss, lust and betrayal - a toxic blend of emotions he will have to manage in this strange new world of half-truths and duplicity, where friendships are illusory and trust is such a precious commodity.

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I obtained a law degree from King's College London which I promptly traded in for a twenty-five-year corporate career.
I resigned my post to start my own business in telecoms and ten years later was in the fortunate position of being able to retire. So, I did.
And retirement has allowed me the time to develop my writing ambitions, all culminating in Twisted Love, which is my first full novel.