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The Uniform

P E White

Saddam Hussein still ruled when Jonathan Montgomery came home from the Gulf. Yet violent and vindictive though the dictator's crackdown was, were his security forces so thorough that his wife should find one of their
uniforms buried in her allotment in Yorkshire?

To Inga Montgomery it is all too mysterious, and when she looks into the background of the last person to rent the allotment the mysteries grow deeper still - and darker. All too soon she finds herself in her husband's world of desert conflict and the misery and heartbreak it, and Saddam's
regime, brought upon those who lived to tell the tale.

P.E. White has woven a tale of young love that stands to live or die when Desert Storm strikes, ending in tragedy and triumph and the totally unexpected.

All because somebody's husband stumbled upon something more
unexpected than the worst IED, but ultimately
far more explosive.

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I was born and raised in Germany in a town close to the Dutch border. I studied Germanistik at Műnster University, where I met my husband who served in the British Army in 1988. On his retirement, we settled in a small village on the outskirts of the Saddlewoth Moors. This is my debut novel.