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The Sea Cottage

Joanna Challis

Escaping the rut of city life and a high-pressured career, recently divorced Cressidor Phillips throws everything she has into buying a cottage on an island. As the renovations on the historical cottage get underway, the private journal of Laura Carmichael comes to light and casts a shadow on the ‘official' history of the cottage, its previous inhabitants and what really happened on the fatal last sailing of MSS Carolina.

Cressidor unveils the secrets of Laura's past and begins her own investigations to unravel the mystery surrounding The Sea Cottage. As she tracks down descendants and discovers previously unseen documents, Cressidor finds herself sinking further and further into the bleak past.

Will Cressidor find out the truth about what really happened to Laura and her husband, or is there something more sinister lurking on the island?

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Joanna Challis, a lover of old houses, gardens, and books lives on an island off Australia. Fond of travel, she is the author of the Daphne du Maurier Mysteries.