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The Grand Castle Boutique


Rose Evergreen is a highly successful seamstress at The Grand Castle Boutique; a highly successful fashion boutique established by her late grandmother, Valerie Evergreen. Rose suffers from depression and trauma that is caused by the death of her first love, and husband, Charles, who passed away when he was called into war. When Rose understands that the boutique is not a cure for her depression, she decides to put the boutique up for sale, and takes a step towards a new journey in life. This begins her pursuit to finding a suitable buyer for Valerie's legacy, The Grand Castle Boutique.

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I am a passionate author wanting to educate my readers about various life lessons, and social issues, through my work. I believe in changing perspectives, breaking stereotypes, and encouraging equality for all, and want to showcase these beliefs of mine through my work. The Grand Castle Boutique is particularly close to my heart as it is a tale that portrays the beautiful message, that is, you can overcome pain and suffering in life. As a passionate writer, I strongly believe that words have the power to heal, which is why I intend on using my words and unique voice to continue shedding light on various societal issues.