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Sex & Summer Wine

L.G. Kirchgeorg

Monza - Giovanna's safe haven, the place where she finds unconditional love, where the comfort of her boyfriend and home give her no reason to unfold her potential.

Milano - The city where Giovanna could transform into the accomplished woman she aspires to be, where the men in suits and trophy wives seem to have it all, where her affair with a successful business man promises the path to realised potential.

Torn between unconditional love and professional success, Giovanna spends the unbearably hot summer deciding which man she needs by her side to become the woman she dreams of being.

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L.G. Kirchgeorg is originally from Switzerland but has spent most of her life in Germany, the US and the UK. She studied English and German in North Carolina at Davidson College (BA) as well as management at the University of Edinburgh Business School (MSc). You can usually find her reading or sipping a gin cocktail while daydreaming about her snowy mountains. Sex & Summer Wine is her first novella.