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Salvaged Minds

D.R. Bentley

On the shores of Italy five friends loaded and unloaded the cargos from ships. Four expressed their desire to migrate to America, because they heard aspirations were attainable and they could easily become rich. They saw the proof of success in the returning citizens' wealth and heard embellished tales of that wonderful country.

Rafael Aldrighi warned his friends of the foolhardiness in an adventure to a foreign land of which they knew nothing. Circumstances changed and he was desperate to reach America, yet embarrassed to reveal the reason for his change of heart when they all embarked on the journey. No one told those newcomers of the stigma of being the latest emigrants, neither how degradingly others would treat them. Rafael found out that getting to America was far easier than impressing the one man who held his fate in his hands.

Those young men fought tremendous obstacles to land their first jobs, and then to start their first businesses. They found love, built homes and made families. Their successes caught the attention of street gangsters and legal extortionists who demanded a fee to do business. In a city where lawmakers and crooks were the same, those young men struggled to keep the wealth they acquired, and even broke the law to stave off mercenaries.

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D. R. Bentley migrated to the United States during the early 1990s. This author now lives on the Eastern Seaboard, passing the time writing and gardening.