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Not in a Billion Years

Bridie Hallifax

Sydney Eastwood doesn't want to be an undercover contestant on reality dating show, A Bride for the Billionaire. She doesn't want to have to fit into its world of wealth, wear clothes that aren't black or pretend to vie with beautiful women for the billionaire's attention. Most of all, she doesn't want to find herself actually liking him.

What Sydney does want is to return to her investigative journalist job in Bangkok, and the quickest way to do that is to comply with her boss, who's decided that a few weeks in Australia's tropical far north is just what Sydney needs to recover from her last traumatic assignment. Sydney needs to get A Bride for the Billionaire over and done with. But the longer she's on set, the more her journalist radar pings, and soon she's wondering what the show is really all about.

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Bridie Hallifax, is the pen name of Bronwyn Hall, who lives and writes in Melbourne, Australia. Not in a Billion Years is her first novel and is the winner of Romance Writers Australia's 2019 Emerald Award.