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Memories Lost Without You

Jaclyn Judah

Erica and Jo have been best friends ever since the warm summer day they met when Jo's family moved in across the street. Over the course of their high school career, they saw each other through times that no teenager should have to endure. As they dealt with their pain in their own ways, they always had each other... until they moved out to university together, where things began to change.

They both fell in love and had their hearts broken. But Cody, Erica's ex-fiancé, was on Jo's mind. They had been good friends and it was suddenly lost when Erica broke up with him after she had already agreed to marry him.

One night after work, an unexpected meeting would draw them together with new desire that caught them both off-guard. Could they deny their feelings for each other? Would Erica forgive her best friend if she threw caution to the wind and followed her heart?

Neither of them knows that tragedy will shock them to their core and change the course of their lives. Can they truly be best friends forever?

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Jaclyn Judah is a first-time novelist from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She has been a teacher for the last eleven years and was able to write her first novel while on maternity leave for her son Max. She loves writing and it has always been a dream of hers to have her novel published. She currently lives in Orangeville, Ontario, with her husband, Matan, their five year old son, Max, and their brand new baby twin girls, Madison and Myra.