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I Knew You Would Be Trouble

Brettney Thompson

Alec Kohl is a successful dog handler with the RCMP and resides with his girlfriend Heather, who is also a police member. At the end of the summer, Blake Taylor moves in next door and Alec can't help but notice her fire and her energy. As months pass, Alec and Blake build an amazing friendship, the kind where they can tell each other anything, rely on each other for support through their own personal relationships, and even have fun playing hockey together and taking their dogs for walks. As they both experience problems in their own personal relationships, will this bring Alec and Blake closer together, or are they only meant to be just friends?

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Brett resides in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, with her husband, three kids, five dogs and hobby farm inhabitants. Outside of being a mom, Brett loves to read books, scrapbook, play sports, train in long-distance running, beer tasting, catch up with friends, and hang out with her pets. Brett has a serious love for chocolate and will hide it in the cupboard from her kids, so she doesn't have to share. Be sure to follow Brett on Instagram: @brettneythompsonauthor. Don't forget to leave a review on Goodreads or wherever you purchase your book!