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Paige Spencer

Payton has just arrived in a new country looking for a fresh start. Leaving a dark and
fearful life behind, she’s ready to reclaim herself and leave years of abuse behind her.
What she didn’t plan on is falling for Sam, the dark-haired rebel haunted by his own past
and afraid to love again. A casual encounter between the two of them turns into something
so much more, with the two battered and bruised hearts fi nally heading towards peace.
But just when Payton’s new life starts to feel like home, her past starts to catch up to her.
Will she ever be able to outrun the looming darkness desperate to suck her back in? Or
must she face it head on in order to truly be happy?

Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


As a nurse by trade, but writer by heart, Paige is a new author from Detroit, Michigan who brings a fresh voice to the already thriving fiction category of romance. Bringing in her own twists and turns full of suspense and "edge-of-your-seat" reading, Paige will pull you right into the pages and bring this tale as old as time to life.