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Dreams Come True?

Anne Nelson

Becca Jackson, a middle-aged divorcee, wakes from an erotic dream that she cannot remember. It leaves her unsettled, which is compounded by the arrival of a handsome stranger, boatbuilder Curtis Kane. Haunted by a sense of déjà vu, Becca is initially sceptical of this too-good-to-be-true visitor and is reluctant to give up her independent lifestyle. However, Becca is ultimately won over by his charms and persistence, but can she trust him not to open old scars? Set against a glorious lakeside backdrop, this is a tale of one woman's struggle to learn to love again.

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Anne Nelson grew up on a lake in Northern Idaho with aspirations of one day becoming an author. But alas, life tends to take its own direction which may deviate from many a childhood dream. However, with a natural gift for gab, she spent the better part of her adulthood in Alaska, working for several radio stations, in their marketing and sales departments. Copywriting afforded her the chance to show her creative side and open up her imagination, from time to time. Now semi-retired, she lives a quiet life in Nevada, trying her hand once again at writing, something longer than sixty-seconds.