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Celtic Flames

Ann King

Gail Winston is a beautiful young woman newly graduated in horticulture from a college in her native England. She is heading for a new job in the southern most part of Ireland. She can't believe her luck at landing such a good position with Michael Stark, a billionaire who requires her as head gardener on his Glennvaragh Estate, without even an interview.
However, when they cross paths for the first time all does not bode well. They continue to clash at every turn, never seeing eye to eye. Eventually the underlying attraction between them surfaces like fireworks on New Year's Eve bringing the story to a new level of excitement. At the end of the day, Gail must decide between romance and her career, between Michael Stark and her job, between love and failure. Which is it to be?

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Anna King was born in a small town in Ireland in 1970. She grew up in a large family on a farm and went to school in the local convent, where her love of English was encouraged and grew. She eventually trained as a horticulturist at Waterford Institute of Technology, but always maintained her interest in writing. This is her first romance. Even though now retired from horticulture, she has a keen interest in nature, which inspires much of this book. She currently works as a carer and writes part-time.