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Angels Hide Behind Their Masks - Meeting My Angel

Mark Malcolm

Leaving his name and family behind, a lonely, tortured, crimson haired boy escapes his hated island in the sky and begins a new journey and life on the ground below.

Enrolling at Academy 1, he believes that his dream of having a friend could become a reality
Adjusting to his new environment isn't easy and many confusing rules and differences in opinion between him and other students cause friction and lead to a rough start.

As his time at the academy progresses, he learns several new truths. He can have friends in his once lonely life and you can always find something special if you trust your instincts.

However, old lives and broken promises can shatter even the brightest dream...

Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


Mark Malcolm is a twenty-something long-term book lover, enjoying reading many different genres and thoroughly enjoying each individual book for its own unique story. Moving on from being just a reader, Mark Malcolm is now embarking on the first steps of his writing journey, exploring the new world of book publishing from the side of the author and not the reader.