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J. Joans

Talented young pianist, Adrien, finds himself entangled in a web of love and heartache when he falls for the captivating Alessia. But when he brings troubled teenager, Siena, into his home, his love for Alessia is put to the test. Siena's chaotic past threatens to unravel Adrien's carefully constructed world as he grapples with feelings of guilt and betrayal. As tensions rise and emotions boil over, Adrien is forced to confront the deep-seated envy and jealousy that threatens his relationships with both Alessia and Siena. Set against the stunning backdrop of Venice, 'Alesiena' is a captivating and emotional tale of love, addiction and the complexities of the human heart.

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J. Joans, an established singer, music producer, and writer, is the heart and mind behind the literary work titled Alesiena. This published piece of work embodies the fundamental essence of love, companionship, and meaningful communication, compelling the audience to delve deeper into their understanding of such themes. Though he may occasionally be seen writing at a Notting Hill coffee shop, Joans prefers to write in the company of his closest friend from the comfort of his personal couch, often accompanied by a shisha and a cold glass of iced tea. After abandoning his academic pursuits, his sole focus became the pursuit of his passion, which involves constantly discovering and disseminating profound sentiments of compassion and affection. Joans' literary proficiency lies in his ability to transport readers and listeners alike with great ease to a profound place of introspection and adventure.