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A Rum Affair

Alan Paisey

A sweeping story of love and passion intertwined with rich detail of nautical life in the immediate post-war years. Tim and Vanessa meet for two short days, a year before the Second World War ends. They wonder what an engineer in the Royal Navy and a musical star might have in common - but before they know it, they are caught up in a romance that must stand the test of many separations before they can be together. Tim's demob is not the end of his daring adventures. He is caught up in a deadly hurricane in the Atlantic as well as a terrifying battle on the Yangtze River. Meanwhile, Vanessa's career hits the heady heights of the West End. Travelling across the globe so that they can have brief snatches of time together, they make us watch and wait to see if their story can have a happy ending.

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Alan Paisey was born in Swindon, Wiltshire. After military service, he taught in London secondary schools and later Bulmershe College, University of Reading, retiring as head of administrative studies. He has published over thirty books, variously on educational management, military history and transfer pricing. His first novel, A Bond to Serve, was published by Pegasus in 2017.