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Full Circle: From Africa and Back Again

Robert T. Armstrong

Full Circle: From Africa and Back Again tells the story of Robert, a young man who witnesses the brutal death of his parents and young sister, and his quest for revenge.

His travels take him to foreign lands, and it is while being a member of a savage mercenary force in Africa that he starts to focus upon saving innocent lives.

Finding himself once again, he crosses many borders and adopts many disguises to keep himself, and those he loves, free from evil clutches.

He courageously faces a ruthless and barbarous conglomerate head-on, protects his friends and the children in his care, and enters into a new life...

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Born in 1946 at end of the great war in Backworth, a small mining village in North East England, I embarked upon a quantity surveying career in the construction industry. Being married and then having two children, we went overseas to work in the Middle East initially, then on to Central Asia, Bangladesh, Turkey and China, which became a great influence upon my understanding of life elsewhere in the world, and we witnessed hardships we could never have believed. 

Writing was always a part of me in letters back home. But after a repetitive series of dreams, my life's experiences and day to day career challenges gave me the motivation to begin to write Full Circle; initially only considering one book, which grew to a trilogy.