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Robert C Marsh

Sergeant John Sommerville of the Royal Scots Guards is accidentally caught up in a top secret scientific experiment at a weapons research facility. A computer error sends him, as well as scientists and technicians, into different worlds, galaxies and time zones. A trained fighter, John has to use all his military knowledge to survive. Occasionally encountering the familiar face of a fellow involuntary time traveller from the research facility, John more often comes face to face with new species and new worlds. During his travels he discovers it is not only his home planet that has to deal with war, famine and discrimination. From falling in love, to falling foul of the British military, John refuses to be silenced about his adventures. But who will believe him?


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I was born and grew up in Greenwich, south-east London, just after the Second World War. I joined the London Fire Brigade as a full-time, professional firefighter in the early seventies and spent a total of twenty-six years with some wonderful, brave firemen throughout that time.

I have always had a keen interest in astrology, which included all types of science fiction books and films. Now in the twilight of my life, and having been retired for many years, I decided to turn my hand to writing science fiction novels, where I not only write about all that I have learned in the field of astrology, but where possible incorporate many of the true-life adventures, but in a completely different science fiction format.