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Point of Impact

RJ Riggs

When Dallas Church ran full speed to the point of impact, his only goal was to help anyone he could. He did not know or care that being so close to the meteor would change him so drastically. In the year that followed, Dallas would be hailed as a hero, the rookie cop who risked everything to save others, then persecuted and outcast as a monster when the real effects of his exposure to the meteor became clear.
Fortunately, Dallas is recruited by an organization promising to use his newly evolved talents to provide security for others. As the team forms, Dallas and his new colleagues must learn to trust each other and to accept their diversity.
Dallas soon discovers his power is linked to a greater evil. As he sacrifices everything to save a child, he learns that these events, and he himself, are not what he had believed.

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As an Asian American kid growing up in New York City in the 1980s, R.J. Riggs was a huge fan of comic books and science fiction. He was also fascinated by law enforcement and detective movies. After high school, he travelled to upstate Michigan to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. Soon after, he began working in casino surveillance, but later left that position to complete the police academy, followed by a Master's degree in Criminal Justice. In the years that followed, Riggs worked in law enforcement and the court system. Inspired experiences, Riggs enjoys writing science fiction with horror elements set in the security or law enforcement context. He also still follows comic books closely and is an avid collector.