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Arrek and the Zolganans

R.J. Barnes

This is the second book in the series about a little dragon called Arrek who lives with the Rodley family. We meet him in a poor state after he's been inside the washing machine. His firepower is restored with help from other dragons and his best friend, Alex. She and Arrek develop a very strong bond but he keeps getting into trouble. He causes mayhem in the house and Alex does her best to find excuses for him. His escapades at home and on holiday in Cornwall cause Alex's tolerant parents annoyance, but they can't help laughing as well. Things become serious though when Arrek comes under threat from the strange-looking Zolganans, during a weekend hotel break; and together with Alex, her new friend Lillie and various dragons, he is put to the test. Once back home, it's not long before he's in trouble again with his mischief. Would anyone want a cake made by a small, naughty dragon?

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R. J. Barnes has never thought of being an author. Not being a great book reader, the idea of writing a book had never been dreamt of.

The inspiration to write this book came on a trip to Krakow (Poland) in February 2016. Reading about the Wawel dragon conjures up magical and mystical stories. In the market place, there were many stalls and that's where the cheeky face of Arrek was discovered. Thoughts of this character and the fun he could have continued to play on the author's mind, until pen met paper and a book was written.