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Shadows Beneath the Long White Cloud

Richard V Frankland

When a North Korean deep-sea trawler runs aground on the shores of Okinawa, what is found onboard links it to possible illegal gold smuggling.

On being shown a partial SatPhone message, British intelligence services suspect there may be a connection between the trawler's cargo and the disappearance of the UK prime minister's niece whilst she was in New Zealand conducting research for her doctorate in geophysics.

With little information and only the unfinished SatPhone message to go on, SIS agent Ian Vaughan finds himself grasping at straws in a needle in a haystack search in a vast remote mountainous area of New Zealand's South Island.

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Richard’s early working life was as a construction engineer, a career that took him abroad to work in Zambia and Jordan for one of Britain’s leading consulting engineers. Returning home he joined a major japanese corporation, administering large civil and industrial projects in Europe, Africa and the Far East. It was during this period that he had the idea for his first novel and early chapters written. A career change, to help run a small family business, gave him the time to read for a Masters Degree in Maritime Studies, a subject that had been of lifelong interest to him. It was due to the encouragement of his wife and friends that he took up writing again completing his first novel, A Cast of Hawks, which was published in 2010. The sequel, Batsu, followed in 2012 and the third book in the Ian Vaughan thriller series, Shadows in Sunshine, was published in January 2015 followed by In Treacherous Waters last year. Shadows Beneath The Long White Cloud continues Ian Vaughan’s adventures. He is currently writing the sixth book, presenting further challenges for his hero to overcome.