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The Sky is Not the Limit

Jacky Edwards

When Jacky, teenage mother of five small children, lay her baby daughter to rest in the hard winter ground, she was faced with a choice: continue mourning for the death of her lost little one, or embrace life and pursue her dream of entering the nursing profession.
With no qualifications to her name, Jacky claws her way into University with her close friend Jane, to become a fully-fledged member of the Nursing and Midwifery's Council register of Nursing Practitioners. The Sky is Not the Limit charts Jacky's rise in her career, from the prejudice she faces from being a teenage mother of five, to entering the profession and becoming a fully-fledged nurse.
This autobiographical account tells the wonderful and often heart-breaking medical marvels she meets along the way, along with the cringe-inducing moments that will make you squirm.

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Jacky Edwards lives in a gothic mansion in the depths of darkest Somerset, with two peculiar cats who graced her unexpectedly with their presence one fine morning and gracefully consented to stay. Greebs is a foul smelling elderly bag of bones and skin who has a taste for cheese and onion crisps. Grisholm is the feline equivalent of a delinquent teenager with the face of an owl, far too many toes on each foot and a penchant to hide Death's-head moths in the guest bed.
Her husband occasionally passes her on the stairs. She thinks he's grown a beard since she saw him last.