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Memories and Missions

Bríd Keeley

Bríd is clairsentient: she feels other people's issues, pains and worries. In Memories And Missions, she takes us with her on a journey from first discovering her extraordinary talent to witnessing how she puts it to good use by helping to relieve people from their suffering, or to release the trapped spirits of people who have died so they can "cross over into the light".
This very personal account is backed up by detailed and appreciative testimonials from grateful recipients of Bríd's healing, written in an informal, direct and straightforward style. Bríd isn't trying to convert us or ask us to believe in anything - she simply tells it as it is. But don't expect to learn nothing new: find out what it means if you dream that your pet dog has turned into a crocodile!

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Bríd Keeley is a psychic healer from the west of Ireland. While channelling healing she experiences her clients' physical and emotional pain. Bríd has the ability to communicate with the dead and frequently assists trapped souls on their journey home.

Bríd (pronounced Breed) takes no credit for her perceptive ability and clarity while channelling healings. During this process she is able to see into the depths of the soul. She sees where we lock the things away that still trouble us and, subconsciously but ultimately, influence our lives. She gently guides us through the process of releasing these burdens.

In this book she brings her message and knowledge to a wider audience. Her hope is to help the reader's soul on the ups and downs of their journey through life.

Bríd tells us "our ship is in". It is up to us whether we take the journey or remain waiting on the shore.