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Conquest: The First Horseman

Geoff Martin

Can a woman in a wheelchair present a terrorist threat?

Can a tramp be any kind of answer to it?

Child of the Gulf War and a marriage gone sour, Peter Cahill thinks he has kicked the dust of Desert Storm from his heels when at last his family and friends escape to the UK and he grows up to find success as a financier in the City. Yet tragedy strikes with the death of his one true love even as a sinister figure from the past, in thrall to revenge, proves to be the parent who rejected him...

Balancing action with insight, Geoff Martin has written a counter-terrorist thriller that follows the fingers of international terrorism from the intelligence world of the Middle East to the heart of London. By weaving a family feud into a clash of civilisations, Conquest: The First Horseman brings the threat of WMDs home: in somebody's suitcase.

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Geoff Martin was born in Epsom, Surrey, but lived for most of his childhood in Ruislip, Middlesex. A "failed" pupil of a good school, he took up catering becoming a chef in the West End of London, moving on to retail management in Norwich and from there to running a small stud farm with his wife, Lou, where they bred both show and racehorses. Retiring from the equine world and latterly with little to do, Martin has taken up writing as a pastime.