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We The Great Are Misthought

S.F. Chandler

30 BC, Queen Cleopatra is dead and Egypt is now under the rule of Imperator Octavian of Rome. Harbouring vengeance for not killing her himself, Octavian seeks his revenge on Cleopatra's orphaned children.

Young Selene is captured in an attempt to escape and enslaved to Octavian. In Rome's world of political intrigue and exploitation, the Egyptian princess is thrown into sudden adulthood, where her resolve to exact her own brutal vengeance may cost her dearly.

Her hatred for Rome is tested by the twists and turns of a forbidden love affair in this arousing epic saga of power, lust, revenge and betrayal.

Cleopatra Selene: We The Great Are Misthought is the first book of a trilogy that will draw you even deeper into the heated lives of history's most complex characters.

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Sanchia F Chandler was raised and educated in Kent. The garden of England is still home to the author, where she lives in a house filled with historical relics from her travels.

Sanchia has had a successful career in the financial sector and is still an active trader. 

Her fascination with ancient history began at an early age, as did her love for books; she wrote her first story at age seven.

Besides writing, she volunteers at a local charity dedicated to inspiring young people to excel. She is also a musician and a frequent visitor of historical landmarks.