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Frozen Fire

Christopher Downey

When you live in a world full of magic, unusual things are bound to happen. Zack Glacis, Gretchen Shadows, Eric Flare, Malcolm Spark and Patrick Tempus live on a floating island called Kerozonia and each wields elemental magic of ice, shadow, fire, lightning and time respectively. These five friends find themselves called to another world born from their world's magic and the data of all things digital, The Data Realm. A being called Astral requests that they guard the part of this realm born from video game data.

Join the group of friends who call themselves Frozen Fire as they protect the land called Miyamoto from destructive viruses, a ruthless scientist and a lot of monsters. Our heroes encounter a strange king, bizarre races, a strong-willed prince, a musical princess and all manner of magical objects. They may be in over their heads.

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Christopher William Downey was born in Glasgow on the thirty-first of July nineteen-ninety-one and raised in a town called Penicuik in Midlothian, Scotland. Christopher has spent much of his life coming up with characters, locations and stories, and has wanted to publish his ideas to share with everyone. An avid gamer, video games influence his stories along with many other inspirations from the various types of fiction of which he is a fan.